Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Facebook vs. Twitter: Social Media Optimization

Facebook and Twitter are advanced social networking sites that are heavily capable of Social Bookmarking, Video SEOMarketing, Link sharing and link building, as well as place to solve out special queries. But both are much different every aspect if seen overall.
Facebook is a place where you can indulge much into with friends, and make more of them and interact with them over your services whereas Twitter is place to get followers who likes your thoughts and issues and like to talk on in threads. Twitter is more of a submission site to several of our links and thus helps us in link building. If these links are liked over, or they are re-tweeted in the language of Twitter it gets more vulnerable to caching process of various Search Engines. Talking of Facebook, Posts get liked on and gets more comments; it gets to the Facebook most talked on list thus creating a reason for Search Engines to be read on faster.
Let’s study them in the field of SEO. Facebook doesn’t sell much of its data to Google as compared to Bing, thus an activity over Facebook  brings much more accurate and faster results over Bing then on Google, then Twitter which is Google loving and shows much faster Google results. Thus one working for instant SEO results should depend himself much on Facebook. Facebook on the other hand has a huge visitors list of all kinds and has a bigger audience to catch up to. Facebook can help create a new mass of enquiring people. Twitter contains load of spammers which can fill one’s follower list but can’t bring marketing enquires other than helping in re-tweets.
Doing SMO and SMM will bring same effects but from different ways. Where Facebook brings audience and traffic, Twitter creates backlinks that can help in increasing Page rank and link juices. For a good SEO Expert, he must understand the site preferences and keywords analysis much more accurately to make dynamic strategies so that the client’s page gets the best out of everything. This can’t be done without understanding clients need and his goal. Experience is also a huge factor playing a great role backing up one’s abilities.
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