Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learn From #! SEO Firm India: How to Get Quality Bcak Links:

SEO Firm India says that getting quality links for your website is one of the toughest thing for your site. the question is how to get back links? The answer is as follows:
a) Create original and quality content for you website.If the content is interesting people will share your content and would like to link back to you. Giving your site link juices.

b) Article marketing: Post articles on quality article sites like ezine articles, hubpages etc.  These article sites has great reputation and high page rank value. If you post article on these sites you will be able to procure quality links for tour site.

c) Blog posting: Create a niche of blogs and start writing interesting stuff about your product with links your site.

d) Blog commenting: Start commenting on blogs with your url in the resource box so that if the blog is do-follow you will get link jiuices and you can also encourage other bloggers to vist your site.

e) Start participating in forum: Participating is forums is a grat way to het quality back links for your site. But avoid commenting on gambling sites, porn sites etc.

f) Press release: Post press release on reputed press release site.

g) Link Exchange: You can exchange links with other webmasters too but it is not ethical so avoid doing the same.
h) Link buying: You can buy links from high PR sites but this is unethical and SEO experts at SEO Services India company, SEO Corporation ask you not to practice this. If Google senses that you are involving in fraudulent activity of link buying they can penalize you site.

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