Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What are The Advantages Of Hiring A Dedicated SEO Resource at SEO Firm India

In a recent move SEO Firm India, SEO Corporation announced that it is going to launch a "Hire  dedicated Resource Plan". What does it mean by "Hire A dedicated resource" by SEO Company India?

Clarifying the issue, SEO Services India Company said that by hiring a dedicated resource our client can hire a person who will work exclusively for his or her project. This plan has two kind of categories: Full Time Resource and Part Time Resource.
A full time resource will work on the client's project for 8 hours per day and 5 days a week. It amounts to 40 work hours in a week. The other advantages are:
1) If the resource goes on leave Client's work will not get hampered as the SEO Company India will compensate the loss of work by putting another resource at the client's disposal.

The part time SEO resource will work 4 hours a day for 5 days in a week.

The categories which are available at SEO Expert Agency India:
a) Full time/ Part Time dedicated SEO Expert.
b) Full time / Part time PPC Resource.
c) Full time / Part time Link building resource.
d) Full time / Part time Strategic Advertising Resource.
e) Full time / Part time Social Media Optimization Resource.
f)Full time/part time SEO Content Writer.
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By SEO Firms India