Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is SEO Content Writing and How to Write an SEO Article, Part 1

Writing is a creative and serious profession in fact a writer is considered to be an intellectual who is passionate is to spread knowledge through his creative work. With the boom in the World Wide Web culture every thing is coming on the Internet either be it business or lifestyle. You can own a business but to inform about it to the masses you need to take services of a writer who can produce creative SEO content.
But imagine you have a great product, the most interesting content or article but no one ever comes to your website as your site ranks no where on search engines. Yeah, it’s a reality. 90% of the people find your website, blog or product through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and if your product does not rank higher you are non-existent. This is the power of search engine rankings and here power of a good SEO content writer comes into picture.
A god SEO Content writer or SEO copy writer can write compelling, interesting, informative and original content for maximum exposure of your product. Creating content rich with keywords can attract search engines crawlers and rank your site higher thus attracting large volume of organic traffic without costing a penny on other mode of advertisement.
In the second part of this article I will write how to write an effective SEO Content. The main features of the article will be as follows: Use of keyword, key phrases and their frequency, the relevancy factor of keywords and rest of the SEO Content, SEO Friendly Headings, how to write first and last paragraph of your SEO content, and how to avoid keyword spamming etc.
Above all if you want to write a good content either it is an SEO Content or just an SEO article write with passion. Your readers’ will smell it and keep glued to it.