Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is Online Reputation Management or Social Media Optimization?

A question which is often put before advertising managers and branding gurus: “Is the “Social Media Optimization” or “Online Reputation Management” worth the hype and importance it is being attributed now a day?” The answer is empathetic, “YES”.
Online Reputation management is extremely important not only for protecting your brand but for touching base with your loyal customers as well.
Let us first answer the question, “What is Social Media Optimization or “Online Reputation Management?” Social media optimization is all about creating a positive buzz about your brand or product on social networking sites by engaging informative and interesting discussion. Reputation management involves. Since social networking sites and bogging sites like facebook, Twitter, Word press etc has given immense popularity among every strata of society. Due to their immense popularity and capability of reaching target audience directly they can prove the most effective tool for Internet marketing. If used effectively Social Media optimization can bring quality traffic to your site without entirely depending on Search Engine result pages.
Few days back, Google rolled out an extended version of Google search results. What your friends like and share can influence what you see in your SERP’s. On one hand Google uses data from Twitter and social networking sites, on the other hand Bing facebook likes as a one of the defining parameters.
All the major search engines are eagerly looking towards social media sites for buzz about the brand or product to give most relevant and popular results.
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