Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SEO Tricks to Avoid in 2011 in Your SEO (India) and Link Building Strategy

In this blog, I will talk about nine most common tricks that SEO India Services Companies should avoid to get their site penalized.
2011 is a new year. Your company sets new targets to achieve in sales and profits and for that you need people coming in flocks to your site to visit and buy your products. On the other hand this year advertising budget has been tightened too.
The most common fantasy of business executives in this scenario is rank top in Google so that people trust you without doubt and fell in love with you and your brand at first site and buy your product. Either in over anxiety or over promotional effort you start thinking of rising on top on Google any how; obviously you must be thinking Google is less treacherous than your competitors. You mentally start picturing your success with highest ranking in Google but also fancy about duping Google.  Although you think Google has brain but you assume that  it can’t beat yours .If you think so, then you are certainly wrong; as people sitting behind the white curtain of Google are lot smarter than you can imagine. So never practice something which can get your site penalized for practicing Black hat techniques. I am giving here a brief introduction of the SEO tricks you should avoid duping Google:
1) Hiding Content on page: You think you can hide keyword rich content from visitors and yet can show them to Google to rank you higher. It is downright foolish and dangerous and your site can be severely penalized by Google.
2) Over do Keyword Stuffing: There are many ways in which you can overdo keywords and can get penalized. So try to write SEO content for your site keeping in mind the end users.
3) Do not participate in Link Network Schemes
If your link building plans involve any of the following, then you should reconsider your link building strategy. If you want to see your rank higher someday never ever participate in the following:
4.  Link Schemes
5.  Reciprocal Linking
6.  Link Farms
7.  Link Wheel
8.  Three Way Linking (or Two-way, Four-way or any other way)
9. overly aggressive link buying.
Avoid the above SEO mistakes otherwise you might hamper your prospects of ultimate success.
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