Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gmail Makes Lives of SEO Experts and Link Building Experts India a Lot Easier

Gmail is one of the most popular email application used by billions of people around the globe. Due to easy to use features, strong spam filters and speed it left its competitors  far behind years ago. Gmail is preferred not for personal or individual use only,  it is also the first choice of businesses and companies. Around the globe. Busineesses like SEO Companies India or SEO firms in India prefer Gmail for its large storage capacity but earlier it used to pose a great problem before them. Since SEO India experts at these SEO Firms in India mainly use multiple email acounts for handling their clients. They had first to log out from one account to log into other. As earlier gmail allowed only one account to be opened in a browser. But now you can link several accounts to one other so that you can access all linked account with just one log-in.
Would not it be great to check all your accounts with single log in? In fact SEO experts India, PPC managers and link building services experts will jump on their chairs  across all SEO Companies or SEO Firms across India at this great news because the earlier method of first logging out then logging-in made their lives a  hell and confusing.
Now you all there, give all your ears to my tips and especially you,  the SEO exeperts of India across all SEO Companies and SEO Firms in Inda for whom I have written this article. Now I will explain how to link multiple gmail accounts. The steps are as follows:
1)    Log in to your Gmail account and Go to “ Settings” section.
2)    On the settings page  click “Accounts and Import”
3)    Locate “Grant access to your accountand Click on “Add another account”
4)    A small pop-up window will open. Add the Gmail to which to which you would like to grant access.
5)    Click on the “Send email to grant access.”
By this way you can add several accounts to one master Gmail account and then use that email account to avoid multiple log-ins.
Since, being an SEO expert at one of the leading SEO firms in India, SEO India Company gave me lot of exposure and we had to handle multiple SEO india clients from several Gmail accounts. But now we can handle all accounts from one master account only. Luckily this new feature of Gmail will help millions of people using multiple accounts especially the people working in SEO firms in India.
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