Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Is Paying For Links A Good Idea?

As every internet entrepreneur knows you need a strong solid website, good content that is keyword rich, and of course incredible links if you want to get your website noticed by the search engine spiders. In light of this fact, is it a good idea to pay for links? The answer may surprise you.

Natural links are of course the best and most desired links, but good search engine optimization relies on obtaining the best possible links quickly. Buying links however is unnecessary if you have a good website you should be able to work out a link exchange with other companies in your field. Remember they too wish to build up their online reputation as well.

Whether or not you do or not buy links you need to have some info on how these things can work. You definitely want for your links to look like they are a natural thing. You can do that by using different text in your anchor text. It needs to look different because if it is always the same it will attract negative attention from the search engines. They do notice if all the links that you use are the same.

It is also important to stagger the links you have. While, of course, everyone is seeking links with the very best sites, you should vary the ranking of the websites that you are linking to for better overall results. If you have only those with high page rankings, this will again set off the bell and whistles letting the search engines know that these are not natural links. And spread out the links throughout all the pages of your website, and not just create links that all lead to your home page.

So make sure that you create natural looking links, but varying them throughout your website, linking to different words, and using different caliber websites. The decision to pay for links is truly yours to make, however keep in mind that this is probably an unnecessary expense since many companies will be looking for link exchanges which is just a win for everyone.