Friday, April 23, 2010

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A well planned and well thought out search engine optimization strategy is key to running a successful search engine optimization campaign. When you are deciding what methods you want to use, you need to be sure the methods you use are tried, true, and tested. Search engine optimization strategy changes often. The biggest key to this change is based on the new rules search engines such as Google decide to change their search parameters and algorithms to. Many internet marketers often speculate about what things search engines are doing to change their policies, but in truth no one except for the search engines themselves actually know this information. This information is a trade secret and the secret is kept very tightly sealed.

There's one thing that has stayed consistently consistent (if that even makes sense). It is article marketing. Article marketing is the process of writing and submitting articles to article directories. The benefit for you and your website is high quality anchor texted backlinks. I'll talk more about this later. The benefit for the article directories is content. Article directories want good high quality content to fill their directories with. The more content they have, the more ad space they can sell. The benefit for search engines is also content. Search engines love textual content and therefore there's no better textual content like articles. The purpose of a search engine is to deliver the highest quality and most relevant content to the end user. If you are creating good high quality and relevant content in the form of articles, the search engines will index your content, rank it high in the search engines and give you backlink credit for it.

So now we are back to backlinks. If you are not familiar with backlinks, here's a brief lesson. There are two types of backlinks. You can have reciprocal links which are two-way links that link two websites together. For example, if you and another website both link back to each other, this is a reciprocal link. Search engines will give you credit for this as a backlink, but they don't particularly care for reciprocal links. Search engines much prefer one-way backlinks. 

The additional benefit of article marketing is that when submitting your article to directories, the article directories allow you to place up to 3 anchor texted backlinks. If you are a smart marketer or at least have a semi-functioning brain stem, you would link back to your website with anchor texted keyword phrases for keywords you'd like to get ranked for in search engines.

This is what I do for my clients and my websites and it has proven to be very successful.
This article is only a snippet of information about search engine optimization strategy. There's much more to know about search engine optimization strategy and article marketing. If you want more information I suggest checking out the link to my site in my author bio box below. There are tons of videos proving that article marketing works as an effective search engine optimization strategy.