Monday, February 8, 2010

What Is Google Spider?

The title of this article may leave many looking lost. What is Spider Language? Most people have never heard of it and may think it is the tongue of some little known African Tribe. Yet these are the same people who will use the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at the drop of a hat when talking about how they promote their online businesses.

Instant Access To Google Spider

Spider Language is what SEO is really all about. SEO means making a site relevant to a search term so that Google will find it and place it high on the list of search results. Most people think that this is done by placing as many keywords as possible in the text. This can work to some extent but stuff too many keywords and Google will consider this "keyword stuffing" and kick the web page off its result list. So there is a limit to how many keywords you can use. And everybody has the same problem, so everyone is at the same level. This is a common assumption, but it is not a fact. There are people who use spam robots that mimics the way the Google Robot works when it searches for results. These spam robots are often able to produce good search engine results for websites. But Google and other search engines are aware of this problem keep coming up with new defenses against this.

Those who know Spider Language are those who come out on top of this contest. Google and other search engines are really nothing more than robots that cannot think, feel or use their discretion. They run strictly according to program. They have various parameters on which they will rate a website in relation to a search term. The way the website fits to what Google is looking for determines how high it is placed on the search results.

Spider Language is Google bait. It is designed to attract the attention of the search robot and because is fits in with how the robot does its search, the results are always great.

Everyone knows the important of SEO – it is the websites that appear on page 1 of the search results that get all the business. People are too lazy to look beyond page 1 if they can find what they are looking for there. It's not the quality or pricing that determines online business success – it is the search engine ranking.

Instant Access To Google Spider

Spider Language is not something that needs technical knowledge or skills. It is something that anyone, even a complete newbie, can pick up. Not only can Spider Language drive more traffic to your site, it allows you to set up streams of traffic from Google that require no updating or additional work on your part. Spider Language can also be used to set up multiple search terms. This is important because if any one term drops in popularity and usage, the other search terms can take up the slack and ensure that the traffic to your website does not fall.

Learning to use Spider Language is easy and very inexpensive. Not learning to use it can cause a lot of problems and lead to expensive losses.