Monday, February 15, 2010

SEO for flash animations and movies. Learn to optimize the flash empty space.
Google approved SWF Object helps in Flash SEO. Small tutorial to show you how to do it.

Now most of the SEOs and designers give up when it comes to flash. The general opinion is that Flash animation
is not SEO friendly. Designers advise us against the flash use on sites and programmers feel awkward when it comes to Search Engine optimization of flash objects. But this is a fact that flash displays can be optimized very easily to generate high search engine rankings without compromising the looks of your site.

Gone are the days when you used to say no to beautiful animation with sound effects on your site fearing that it will affect your SEO efforts. Those who did put flash on their sites have a blank area without content as viewed by search engine robots. Now I know you are yelling at me. "What is the solution to this? How can we do SEO for Flash movies and animation?" Just reason.

Google's java script Swf Object helps in Flash SEO.

As per the latest news Google and Adobe are churning out an algorithm to help search engine crawl flash files too. But its gonna take some time. Till then feel free to use google code to display flash on your site and show content to those who don't have JavaScript or Flash players on their browsers. The best thing is a Search Engine Bot or spider is very much similar to such java script-less and Flash-less browsers. The trick is to display the actual content that you want to show on the site within a named DIV and use java script to display the flash in it once the page loads. JavaScript is a client side scripting language and is not taken into account by the server where the crawling happens. The SE bots are not interested in your java script either.