Monday, February 8, 2010

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs

Process of search engine optimization for blogs is different in comparison to that use for the traditional websites. Basic reason for this is the social elements that are involved in blogging. SEO for blogs in fact is much more than just buying links or using some inadequate search technologies. Focus here is on something to talk about as well as creating something worthy of attention. Social nature of blogs requires that you deal with them in a different way.

Most of the times RSS as well as the feed readers could make it convenient and easy for most of the readers that subscribe to the posts written. At the same time it notifies the subscriber the moment the blog is published. Numerous people read and write blogs and most of them have thousands of subscribers. When your story is syndicated by a few of them it can have cascading effect where thousands of readers share the story. It becomes an automatic way of search engine optimization for many with such publication and sharing.

In addition when the readers read the blogs they will invite multiple comments on each of the posts published making the content unique and fit for page ranking. Optimizing blog can capture the attention of many and get the credit for spreading ideas and it can perfectly match the search engine
relevancy algorithms. Such matching by itself would be one of the best ways of enhancing search engine optimization.

Multiple ways are there that help domain name registration and blog hosting. You side could very well become the sub-domain for established domains like the Type Pad, or the Blogger but it may not be one of the conducive ideas for blog promotion and the website for search engine optimization. The reason is that many of them have limited set of features and prohibit placing ads on the site. Not only will it delay building up the site it could take month and year building up an audience.