Friday, January 1, 2010

Successful SEO Strategy

On-page Optimization is the Key of a successful SEO Strategy

On-page optimization (or website optimization) is what you do on your pages to make them attractive for search engines. On-Page factors are related directly to the content and structure of the website.

Off-page optimization is what you do to increase page rank and link popularity. The goal of Off-page optimization is inbound links.
SEO experts say off-page optimization is more important than on-page optimization because with off-page optimization you can improve your page rank and link popularity; I agree, but I believe that the key is on-page optimization or the key is quality of your website.

Why do I think that On-page optimization is the key?

The goal of off-page optimization is inbound links. Now if you do on-page optimization very well, there are so many eager webmasters that want to exchange link with you.
On-page optimization is important because you should try to write a relevant text to a topic and make a trustworthy and valid web site for search engines.
If you design a quality website and do on-page optimization well, many websites link to your site for free.

How to write a relevant text?

In my idea for writing a relevant text at first you should limit your thought to a specific topic. So search in your mind to find a specific and relevant topic then do keyword research. For example writing about “search engine optimization” is a general topic, but writing about “MSN optimization” is very better.
Sometimes people focus so much on SEO that they forget their visitors. Notice that the first aim is to satisfy visitors. If you do this, search engines always attention to your website, because search engines provide their result to satisfy their searchers.
On-page optimization (website optimization) can be divided into two branches; factors that depend to the structure of website and factors that depend to content you write.
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