Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simple SEO Strategy For Businesses

Keywords are still necessary to any basic SEO strategy. Comprehensive research is needed to uncover these keywords. Getting to the peak of page one of search engines
for a low use term is relatively easy. However, think the number traffic you may get from this relatively rare query. As an SEO Manchester copywriter, I would rather have a search query which produces paid conversions (but is lower down in the Google rankings) compared to a less profitable one on the summit of the first screen.

It is also prudent to consider your description meta This 200-250 character text should explain the material on a page. As an SEO Manchester writer, I know this copy needs to entice the audience and should be optimised for the search engines. A copy also requires keywords. Do not overstuff the content with keywords though.

A H1 tag is also necessary. It is the start of an article. Ensure to include a keyword in the H1, but again do not use too many. Some theories in the SEO Manchester sector claim that keywords should be placed as quickly as possible due to the way websites registers a site from left to R.

The content on the webpage should be unique. Due to this, employ a variety of content techniques, e.g text length to ensure this. I have learned in my SEO Manchester career to use bullet points, H2 and H3 tags to make sure copy is absolutely unique.

Links are necessary in the main web copy, but never in the H1 tag. Links should always have a title. This gives SEO Manchester writers to send users to other parts of the site. If it is useful, include a keyword in the title tag. You may also want to employ a keyword in the anchor copy. Furthermore, always make sure that an external link is opened in a new window – this means that a user remains on your webpage.
By: Professional SEO Company