Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Link Strategies - Ways To Increasing Traffic

In addition to being one of the most important SEO strategies, it is possibly one of the most controversial, misunderstood and argued SEO topics in today's 2009 market. One thing that we as SEO experts can agree upon is that we all have seen the search engine algorithms change on a regular basis throughout the years and that over the years many factors have come to pass and new ones become relevant.

Use keyword anchors, alts, and titles. Different search engines look at different parts of a link. Use the title attribute and put your keyword in it. Use a keyword or keyword phrase as your anchor tag for a link and lastly, use a keyword, if possible, in your alternative text for the link.

Some SEO experts believe Google may disregard a site that has too many links pointing to its home page with the same anchor text. The experts recommend varying the anchor text and having links point to other pages of your site.

SEO is important because it is the easiest and a free way to drive traffic from the search engines to your website. Most other strategies require some type of paid advertising in order to accomplish.

However getting a link from a high PR web page did not come cheap and it was not uncommon for webmasters to fork over $800 for a one month link on a PR8 web page!

This allows your readers to come away from the experience of reading your blog feeling like they know more than they did before they logged in to read your site. They should not feel like they just read what you have on there in the newspaper yesterday.

With that said, because you will have more second list names than first list names, you won't be able to spend as much time individually crafting each and every e-mail. Your best bet is to develop a template letter that you can "plug" the site information into. This can still come off as very personalized, but you shouldn't be quite as worried about making it incredibly site specific.

Have social media bookmarking facilities integrated into each page on your site - make it easy for the ever growing online communities to spread your good word.

Be sure to get in on the social networking that is going on right now. Use twitter to promote your site, not in a spammy way but get to know people and interact. When you post your link it shows up in the search engines. Use Face book and the many other social platforms out there.

Two will be in the resource box at the bottom and one can be placed within the body of the article, towards the end. One of these many links in each SEO article (the least prominent at this stage-that is the last one on the resource box) can point to your site.

So overall the best approach in getting a good solid link campaign started is to first, ask your vendors or industry contacts to share links, people you are already familiar with. Second, write “expert articles” about your business and or industry distribute them to directories, ask to trade a link with industry websites.
By: Link Building India