Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to Improve Search Rankings on Google Caffeine

Google Caffeine will significantly jolt the SEO Services India game, especially when it comes to the top results that are displayed. The revamped search engine’s emphasis on real-time results gives savvy webmasters the opportunity to propel to the top of Google results.

What Constitutes Google Caffeine’s Top Results

Real-time search results are one of the major foci for the Caffeine update. The traditional top results will be superseded by the “latest results,” which aggregates and displays all of the most recent blog posts, press releases, social network updates, and news stories that are related to the search term.

This real-time search has already made its debut, even before Caffeine’s official release in 2010. For example, right before New Year’s Eve, a small earthquake hit Baja California and San Diego. Within two minutes of the quake, typing “San Diego earthquake” into Google returned the “latest results,” which included Tweets and news stories.

Taking Advantage of Caffeine’s Real-Time Search

Real-time search presents an incredible opportunity for your website to enjoy the top limelight on Google, even if it is not permanent. Commission your content writer to compose fresh blog posts, and upon publication, your website will appear at the top of relevant search results. You can strategically time the publication of your new content with your marketing campaigns; for example, if you are launching a new product, then your content writer can compose blog articles that specifically target the niche keywords – bringing in a surge of traffic just in time for your product launch.

Don’t Decaffeinate Your Website

Even before the advent of Caffeine, content reigned king in the SEO world. However, with the introduction of Caffeine and its emphasis on content, commissioning your content writer to publish fresh and original text on your website and blog becomes even more important. The purpose of the Caffeine update is to generate more accurate, relevant, and timely search results – and Google can only achieve their goals by placing a heavier emphasis on content.

If you only make one change to your SEO strategy, it should be a renewed focus on content, which will generate both short-term and long-term results. In the immediate future, you will enjoy a surge of traffic from being at the top of Google’s “latest results,” and in the long-term, you are continuing to build your authority and relevancy in Google for permanent search results.

Caffeine certainly changes the SEO game, but for webmasters who understand the power of content, the update is good news. With a lessened emphasis on arbitrary back links, Google Caffeine will reward those who commission their content writer to publish quality, relevant, and fresh text. If you are ready for a shot of caffeinated traffic, then simply order a mug of words from your content writer.

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