Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How To Implement White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is also known as ethical way of spamming. It is not exactly spamming but a means to secure the IT companies with a more robust hardware and software maintenance. In these days of technological breakthroughs, it has become cumbersome to maintain the sanctity and ethnicity of websites. In order to understand the concept of white hat SEO better, you need to understand the basics of a search engine and how it operates. The functioning of a search engine forms to be the core of the entire concept of search engine optimization (SEO) and this decides your website, either to be worthy or getting doomed.

Whenever you enter a search term
in the “search” bar of a search engine. You will be redirected to those websites that are possessing content along with those keywords. The more the number of times this keyword appears that corresponding website is ranked better. However, the search engine resorts to intelligent techniques to abort keyword spamming. This is an unethical tactic employed by certain spammers wherein keywords
that are much in demand are used over and over again irrespective of the necessity. However, search engines are now equipped with latest tools such as robots and crawlers that can crawl even internal pages of a website and get the information that is valid. This puts a check on the spamming of the keywords.

As this has been successfully implemented, hackers have invented a new technique which is classified into two ways. White hat SEO and black hat SEO. White hat SEO is the hacking of your data that which you use while working on a search engine. You will be redirected to those sites that are irrelevant to your search criteria but boasts to be the one. However, this is considered to be ethical hacking. It is because of the reason that most search engines consider to continue as the information represented is genuine and presented in a more informative way rather than resorting to any kind of data thefts.

This is the reason why White hat SEO is sometimes referred to as Ethical SEO. Though it takes a lot of time to implement the concepts of White hat SEO, the results are rewarding and the information is presented in a clear way. Alternatively, white hat SEO guides a search engine about the extent of intimacy with the keywords you provide. This works out well only when the website being referred by White hat SEO is worth a referral.

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