Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to get traffic by Twitter

First of all, you must take Twitter seriously. It may have a somewhat frivolous-sounding name, but it is far from trivial. In fact, it's the most powerful traffic generator out there, especially free of charge. But before you can make it work, it will take quite a bit of work on your part. You need to get followers first. Because the followers are the key to getting traffic to your site, you need to go through the somewhat tedious process of gathering followers.

Lighting a scene for an online production is easier than you might think. You probably have the lights you need around your house. Lowe's and Home Depot see work lights that can serve as the main and background lights, while house lamps can softly light the subject and foreground. Lighting is second only to the actor's composure when shooting a video.

TweetDeck is a desktop application that will allow you to easily communicate and respond on twitter. This application allows you to easily handle all of the tweets coming in and out of this platform. This is an essential tool if you want to easily drive traffic. Why? Because without it is hard to manage your account. This tool makes it easy to manage your account.

Open an account on Twitter and start following people. Many will start following you back and this starts the process of creating a list of followers for you. Account registration is free and amount of traffic will depend on the amount of following you have.

One other thing you might have to pay attention to when trying to make Twitter traffic your traffic is not only focusing on the business side of things. People join Twitter to socialize and, as such, tend to grow tired of continuous sales pitches or requests to view a blog. In short, if you can create a balance between business and pleasure, then you will get the traffic you want.

Use a "tweet this" Wordpress plug-in on your blog. The plug-in will automatically load a twitter link at the end of each of your blog posts and this will allow tweeters to re-tweet with just a click. The more number of people re-tweeting will determine how many times your post has been read. So if you provide a URL of your website at the end of each post then visitors can go directly to your website and this will increase targeted traffic.

You'll know you've success if your readers raise their eyebrows. But where can I find topics that will get those eyebrows to go up?, scan, and you'll almost discover what goes on the major social bookmarking Digg and Delicous and what are the post that capture interest from the users.

To get traffic there are so many different methods that you can do or use. Easiest method to get highly targeted traffic is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising method. In this method person must create own ad that contain description and website address. To create own ad person must join to PPC Networks such as Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing or similar network.

Creating a WordPress theme not only increases traffic to your website, but it also has fringe benefits. After all, you can create a theme that's custom-made for your own needs. You can make your site easier for your visitors to use, or provide special features that make it more appealing, such as a larger text size, or eye-catching color combinations.

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