Sunday, January 3, 2010

Basics of SEO

Nothing gets talked about more than Search Engine Optimization
(SEO) in the internet marketing industry. This term often gets batted around, but a lot of people really do not understand what it involves. Here are some things to remember about SEO:

1. SEO is the process of optimizing your website’s content in such a way as to attract more search engine traffic. The more the search engines “crawl” your pages, the better chance you have of ranking higher when someone searches for your search terms.
2. If you are building your site using Word press, there are great plugging to help with SEO. The most popular one would be All In One Seo which allows you to put a site title, description and tags in. These are very powerful in the crawling process of Google.
3. Unique content is king. Make sure that you do not add rehashed PLR content or spun articles. The search engines want to see unique content, so give them what they want.
4. Keep it current: You need to keep your site’s content updated on regular basis so that the search engines will know that your site is not just some static site that does not get updated often.
5. Try to leave links on other high quality sites that lead back to your site.
6. Link out from your site to other high quality, non competing sites. Google likes to see that you are providing relevant content. When you link to a NON affiliate link site, you show Google that you are there to provide information and not just to sell things.

There are literally hundreds of ways to improve your on page SEO. The keys are consistency and good quality content, however. If you have those two things, you are doing very well.

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