Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Basics of Article Submission

After you have written the article and before you submit the article to any of your preferred websites, you must closely note the guidelines specified by the sites. Read the guidelines carefully before proceeding with the submission. You should follow the rules so that your article is included in the database.

Before you submit the article, go through the content once more. The article must be original. It should be informative and interesting. The content should elaborate on certain points like instructions and tips, strategies, observations, techniques and opinions. All these will make your article substantial. You can hire a writer to write an article on your behalf or on behalf of the company. This will ensure that the article is of good quality. The article should not be composed in such a way as if it looks like a sales or promotion copy. Not should it resemble a plain advertisement.

When you think of the content of the article, it is advisable to avoid topics which support radicalism, religious passion, terrorism, bombs, and ammunition or drug paraphernalia. All these should be strictly avoided when you are writing an article. Before you submit the article, you should check and cross-check the spelling, grammar, sentence construction and punctuation in the content. There should be no reference of any adult material like pornography, excess blasphemy, violence and racial prejudice. If the article includes any content which is considered as violation of the law, or words that are defamatory, the article will be discarded by the submission directories.

The formatting of the article is as important as the content. There should be title which cannot contain more than 150 characters. The title must have the combination of upper and lower cases. There should be no HTML tags in the title. It is better not to repeat the title in the body of the article. The keywords should be mentioned in the title. It is advisable not to use a period in the title. The URL of the site or the name of the author should not be included in the title. When you write the name of the author before article submission, you should include both the first and the last name of the author.

The author's name should not be written in initials. One should never use the name of the company as author's name. It should be the same with email address. An email address does not represent the name of the author. When writing the name of the author, there should not be any descriptors. There should no religious titles with the name of the author. When you write the article, it should not contain more than 15,000 characters. This comes up to 2,500 words. The details of copyright will be written at the bottom of the article. If you are using HTML tags, you can use it in the article, but there are some submission directories which will neither allow HTML tags in the article nor in the title. Before article submission, you must add the author's biography which should not be more than 60 words. The articles should be submitted in the relevant category. There should be maximum 3 self-serving links apart from the mailto links in the article.

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