Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Way Links

Searching for a way to get 3 way links back to your website
? Good. You are on your way to getting higher search engine rankings
. Don't want to pay for this service? Good. I'll tell you how to do it for free!

First off, everyone knows that getting links back to your website is the way to get top search engine
rankings. If you were searching for "3 way links", then you obviously already know this too. But, the ways to get these links either take a long time or cost you money. Both of which suck in my opinion. If you have several websites, even hundreds of them, you need a way to build these links almost on autopilot...and for free.

Well, I have recently found a system that can do just that. More importantly, it works. I have only been using it for one month now and can't believe the results.

I started the testing on some brand new websites. They were for product launches as an affiliate. I made the sites, got them indexed and had them on the first page. There was HEAVY competition with these product launches (IM related). My sites were bouncing around the first page as everyone else was link building.

I wrote ONE article and used it in this 3 way links system. The way it works is pretty easy. You write an article, pick the url's and keywords you are promoting and then pick the blogs you want to have the article posted on. Then, you submit it. Every day, your article is posted as a blog post on a Wordpress blog relevant to your niche. Your links are randomly inserted where you want them in the post as well. You get 2 links per post and can pick 30 blogs, so you get 60 links for one article. You can submit as many articles as you want!

So, not only do you get the anchor text links in EVERY blog post helping your website rank well for those terms, but you also get your posts put on successful Wordpress blogs that get traffic. Those people click on your links and go to your website as well. It's a win-win situation!

In one weeks time my site ranked number one and stuck there for 3 major keywords: "the product name", "the product name reviews" and "the product name review". That means that all the people who see ppc ads and want to read a review or search for the real product website are going to search that product name and find my site. It's even ranking higher than the product owners website!

Now, here is where it gets really cool. They have an affiliate program as well. Now you are thinking, "crap I have to pay for this". No, it's completely free. They do have a paid version, but you don't really need it unless you want to go big...

Why would you want to promote something that is free and you don't make money when people sign up? That's the cool part. You can sign up other people and every time they submit an article, you get FREE back links! So, if you sign up one person and they submit one article, you are getting free back links every day for 30 days each time that post goes up. It can be very powerful and get your sites ranked for very competitive keywords. Trust me, I've done it on mortgage related sites which are crazy competitive.

You go to their affiliate page and type in the urls you want to promote and the keywords you want to rank for. When someone signs up under your affiliate link and they post content, the system automatically inserts on of your urls and a keyword for that url. FREE 3 way back links when other people do the work!

Imagine if over time you get 100 people signed up and they write just one article a month. That's 3000 free back links....and multiple number one websites in Google.

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