Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Use of Keywords in Alt and Meta Tags

Like the URL, domain names, and H1, H2, and H3 tags you can also use the key word or key phrase in all other tags including alt tags, image tags, and Meta tags. For slow browsers, placement of keyword in the image tags comes up very handy since the display of image takes much more time in comparison to display of the text. Especially the visually challenged find such tags extremely useful. In addition the alt and title tags always have some text value as well.

One can easily use the keywords in strong and bold tags. You can position the keywords in HTML text with strong and bold attributes. Such placement helps targeting the companion words to the original and targeted keywords. Letters when made bold communicate with the users far better. It makes the page visually appealing and they cannot be used to improve the ranking of the site. Holding the reader longer to the page concerned it benefits your web promotion and search engine optimization prospects to a great extent.

Another very useful method is use of keywords in the Meta Description tags. In fact such keywords can be used in the HTML heading in the page. If the keyword is unique and placed inside the Meta tag, it helps people viewing the page and is quite beneficial to viewers in searching the relevant contents. Though it may not be as important as relevance of content, domain and URL based keywords, or even H1 tag keywords, they certainly improve the CTR to a large extent.

While use of unique keywords within the Meta description tags can attract people to view the pages you display and are therefore beneficial for search engine optimization, your Meta tag description must be good enough to attract the viewers. Avoiding duplicate contents and bad descriptions are always essential to avoid negative impact on the people.

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