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SEO Careers

Will this be the year you start up your own SEO business? Let's talk about a few of the things to think about depending on your directions and goals for starting a new SEO business.

A career in SEO and search marketing can have many different rewards depending on:

a) The foundation of your SEO skills.
b) Your focus and planning you do to build a reputable business.
c) and of course your ability to keep up with all the industry changes.

You might be choosing between a couple of different type of SEO career paths initially.

For example:

1. A career in affiliate marketing by using your skills to build your own high quality, authoritative Web sites that consistently earn you commissions.
2. An SEO career that entails building a client base and helping others gain top visibility and become very successful.
We will talk about each of these separately in a few minutes but first let's step back to those first three points. Regardless of which type of career you are building in search marketing, the best way to commence is with building your own comfort level with your abilities to know you can positively achieve the results you need.
So many people seem to be anxious to take on clients and hang their shingle out before they have that solid foundation that's going to help them build the solid reputation they need. There are plenty of ways to begin getting yourself up to speed through a variety of training organizations, study courses, workshops etc.

The choice is really entirely up to you based on the options

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare yourself with the new skills you need:
  • Be sure to choose a training organization that is focused on teaching you the genuine skills and can demonstrate that they actually practice what they preach. For example Pay Per Click training has its own benefits to offer but PPC is really more like paid advertising. There are so many more topics to gain a comfort level with these days than there was even 5 years ago.
  • Be aware that there are some training companies out there that say they teach "search marketing skills" but then in the end you'll find out they are trying to sell you some special software, some special tool set or some gimmicky software application. What you should be after are the skills that prepare you for getting the job done accurately and without a lot of stress. No hidden agendas should surprise you at the end.

  • Some professional tools are fine (and there are some good ones to know about,) but in the end if all you have and all you can rely on is the same tools that everyone else is using, then where is your true advantage?
These days, there is far more to good solid SEO and SEM skills training than just keywords and Meta tags.
Search marketing skills today entail strategies that will teach you how to build genuine, authoritative, Web sites that reflect top visibility amongst competitive landscapes. There are strategies that involve solutions for dealing with technical and design challenges, techniques for preparing for the future trends including Web 2.0 and Social Media as well as new ways to accurately gather your data and understanding the full scope of influences that are at your disposal. There are new ways to examine the data too for both threats and opportunity analysis and even right down to the specific industry.
SEO Career Variations: Where will you get started?
Okay, so let's get on to talk about the two most common SEO career variations and their differences as well as their benefits. Of course once you are on your way you'll find there are many more than two directions but these are the most common ways that people get started.
Let's have a brief look at affiliate marketing first.
1. A career in affiliate marketing by building your own high quality, authoritative Web sites that consistently earn you commissions.
  • Complete freedom and flexibility to build your content the way you know it should be built.
  • No clients to report to, your time is used for tackling the job productively with complete freedom and liberty.
  • Develop the kind of high quality informational sites that will be useful to your readers and no need to bill clients, try and convince the client why one recommendation is better than another.
  • You are 100% in charge of all the choices from choice of topic matter to choices of which methods and techniques you wish to employ.
You have heard of Web sites that run on auto-pilot. A good affiliate marketer applies a whole range of influences to their site so that it continues to:

a) Serve readers with engaging and useful information that satisfy the reason why they searched. (Genuine value)
b) The consumer can place an order for a quality product and have the order filled. (Profitability)
c) Have a system in place to measure and benchmark their customers interests and needs as well as satisfaction level.
d) Have a means for customer interaction, through a related blog or through polls or other means engaging Web 2.0.
e) Most great authority sites have very original content to serve up while often the order fulfillment may be done by a third but reputable party.

Unlimited income potential even if you remain a sole proprietor:

You can literally build one project after another and have each successful project run for years without stress and without major ongoing time commitments. True affiliate marketing can generate as many streams of "passive cash flow" as you wish.

The most successful affiliate marketers are ones that build their content based on topic matter that they personally enjoy and are very knowledgeable about. This serves three important purposes.

a) If you have expertise in a given topic, you will never run dry of new topic matter.
b) If you enjoy your selected topics to the point that you might even say you are passionate about them, then you will enjoy your work. The advantage here is that if you enjoy your work enough, it does not even feel so much like work.
c) Most good affiliate marketers understand the value of building a dedicated readership (over making a fast buck.)
In other words, they respect their readers and any marketing they do, comes with the highest respect toward their readers and individuals that make up their list. This is the ultimate use of a Web site in my books. To forge genuine and lasting relationships with other human beings.

Any of the top names in affiliate marketing that I have personally met, are genuinely caring people. They care about their readers and in doing so they only distribute what they believe to be their very best information. I could write much more on the topic of affiliate marketing and I think I may just do that in the near future.

But, let's switch gears now and look at another second possible SEO career option which is common:
2. An SEO career that entails building a client base and helping others gain top visibility and success.

This type of an SEO career will appeal especially to those who enjoy the reward of helping others. Not only can you earn exceptional income with the right skills but you also enjoy the privilege and special rewards of knowing that your new business is helping others to prosper. Do not underestimate this "reward value" as it is pretty amazing, addictive and exceptionally satisfying.

If this is the type of search marketing business enterprise you want to start up, then it will also serve you well to fully scope out the full range of services that you or your company will be offering.

As you may know not all services are the same and it's up to you to shape and define the niches at which you wish to excel and become known for. The last thing you want to be is just another SEO out there amongst the masses. You want to consider ways of setting yourself apart from the average services that are out there. It's funny when we ask new students about their Unique Selling Proposition. They all seem to know they need one, but most folks never go on to work out exactly how they will be different.

For a client serving type business, you should also be aware that there is a limited ceiling of earning potential (if you intend on remaining a one person operation.) However, you can grow well beyond your expectations if you recruit other SEO skilled talent to work for you or work with you in tandem, so that you can continue to expand your client base.
Again it is essential that you build yourself an exceptional reputation for getting genuine results that contribute to your clients bottom line profits. This is one industry where building your range of skills properly really can contribute to building yourself a positive reputation.
Of course their are other types of career niches that focus more on programming skills and yet others that head off in the direction of PR and publicity services and content writing.

2007 and now 2008 is what I think will continue to be the "year of the writer." For anyone one who knows how to write good articles and content, but has not made the transition to the Web yet - this is a perfect time to be getting into the business. Never before has there been such a massive demand for original, well written Web content. So what ever your interests, the single most important thing is to make up your mind and decide to "get started" somewhere.

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Guaranteed Website Traffic Secrets

When you're trying to develop a successful web site, you soon realize that your internet site content is critical. sites with great content are likely to have great traffic results than those with shitty articles and headings. The more engaging and various your content, the better traffic results you will have. This is particularly true if you aren't a strong writer. Use these tips to help find out more about website content and the decisions you can make to create the best text on the web.
Care about Content

This happens more often than one might expect and the side effects are immediate. The more passion the writer has, the better the writing will probably be. Generally, this is the internet site owner and operator, because no one will require the site to succeed as much as this individual.
Quality over Quantity

When it comes to website content, there are definitely suggestions. When trying to fill up a particular amount of area on a website, it could be necessary to set limits on word count. In total however , you should usually struggle for quality over quantity. Having too much content can drive viewers away because they are probably going to get bored. Knowing exactly how much content you require for your site may also be a challenge. You should generally view your website like a potential visitor would, which means that many of your decisions might be made by instinct. The main goal is to have specific and direct content that is not so'wordy'. When there are excessive words in the content, you will quickly lose your audience. Be direct and to the point with your writing and you'll be more efficient overall.

Natural Flow

You must be sure the content flows naturally. Natural flowing content leads easily to other issues. One subject should flow into the other easily. The same is true with the positioning of other website functions. When you're writing, consider the positioning of'submit' buttons or other links on the page. If a piece feels unnatural when it's being written, it will likely look uncomfortable to the reader and may be a tragedy on your website.
Some of the most needless mistakes made with website content writing are grammatical. Websites that contain articles with spelling and grammar mistakes come can look ridiculous. If you want your website to be taken seriously, you should generally be sure that your articles are proofread many times. This will help make sure you are delivering info that is smart and complete. It may help you to read your text out loud, to hear what it essentially sounds like. Even though it may seem unnecessary, you may find the reply will be greater when your text is without mistake.
As you can see, there are a few vital aspects to developing website content that will boost and maintain your site traffic. You need to concentrate on passion, quality, and flow of your content. However , if you are up to the challenge, try it. Just relax and begin writing. Let the content come to you without effort. Try different approaches with your writing and you may learn what works best for your website and its traffic. As long as it feels right to you when you read it on the site, it'll likely look great to your internet site's visitors as well .

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Content Management System cms

CMS stands for content management system, a software
that manages the contents of a website
. It breaks the content into different areas, including the template (which is the basic design of the pages), the text, the images, the functionality and the background stuff (meta tags and data capture).

Content management systems is often heard but not always understood. But it isn't hard to grasp and, because the CMS provides the basis for most modern websites and it will benefit an organization if it takes the time to understand it.

Web content management system is a time savior tool and helps in simplifying the entire procedure of content creation and mechanizes the website submission to the search engines leading to improved business revenue and site traffic.

CMS is a professional program where web pages can be created without having the requirement to use HTML programming language. This system helps in setting up standardized online system for content management for your business expansion.

A Content Management System is a type of website design. It is a website that allows you to take control of your own site. It is the name given to a computer software that is used to create, edit and manage as well as publish content in an organised fashion.

This system means that you don't have the added expense of dealing with web site designers as you are able to edit it yourself. Many of you may be left thinking how can I edit a website without technical knowledge? The answer is easily with a Content Management System. You don't need to have technical knowledge to figure out how to change aspects of your website via this System you just merely have to have a go at doing it. The idea of editing it yourself allows you as the end user to update content, which is highly important as websites have to be kept up-to-date to be effective.

Electronic content management, which automates the process of storing, searching for, and reusing data in a centralized way, has been gaining ground in major corporations around the world for years. From enterprise resource management (ERM) and customer relationship management (CRM) to human resources management (HRM) and other enterprise systems, organizations both large and small are now using such systems to pull huge chunks of disparate information into centralized databases--allowing a handful of colossal skyscrapers to stand where hundreds, if not thousands, of small buildings once stood.

The purpose a content management system should be to eliminate the common challenges of traditional websites while giving full control to Affiliate Marketers, Small and Medium size Companies so they can compete with the large websites that rank high and dominate their marketplace online. The key is a complete CMS which is designed for "non-techies", extremely advanced and very easy to use.

Imagine being able to utilize a Highly Advanced website builder
and easy to use this content management system that allows non-technical users to easily create/edit/remove pages, content, images, banners, links, menus, skins, or simply customize a website.
Moving a step ahead there are certain products which are complete CMS systems, which not just allow you to manage the information to be displayed on the website but at the same time provide webmasters tools to add new pages, select the template to be used, define the navigation (site map) and linking of various pages of the website. This again is addressed as CMS but actually it a complete suite to deploy your website.

To conclude, I would say CMS literally means a set of tools enabling webmasters to mange the content of the website but this term is now being used as a very broad terms, which includes anything and everything when it comes to managing any sort of information or any vertical of a website.

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Traffic Mistakes – Must Avoid It

Start by filling your profile as much and as cool as you can, pay attention to your friends and followers, replying and retweeting meaningful messages.

If you outsource all your traffic generation, your putting your most valuable skill set in someone else's hands who does not care about your business as much as you do.

When you avoid these three main mistakes, you will find that you are having better results with your traffic building and that people will appreciate the fact that you are thinking things through.

Search engines cannot index splash pages mostly or entirely made from Flash. Hyperlinks made with Flash cannot be crawled by search engine bots so unless standard HTML hyperlinks are used, those pages will not be crawled.

Those keywords have to be strategically placed and used just the right amount of time... keyword overload does not sit well either.

One example of this would be to submit one article to one hundred directories, and then turn around and do other methods until that one article is the only one you submitted for two weeks.

If you try and go after the keyword "dog" you're going to get a lot of people coming to your site.

Just remember, it will take you an enormous amount of time looking at other websites to build you reward points. This encourages surfing just for the sake of building points.

If the website doing the vouching is well ranked itself, it will of course hold more weight and help improve your rankings even more.

There is a skill level to building an online business
and learning how to use the Internet correctly will take an education on your part.

Search engines will be able to detect if you are committing the over-use of keywords, or "spamming".

You can find hundreds of site that will sell you thousands of hits for next to nothing.

But you have to make sure you have your profits up on a small scale first before you start increasing your keywords.

Of course, there's much more to cover on how to increase online traffic to your website and offers, but it could take a new tip every day for an entire year or more to really give you the mastery you need.

In common sense, these traffic are usually driven by other factors and the traffic generated is usually of poor quality.

To decrease your chance of errors, have someone else read through your press release after you have gone through spell check.

If you know enough to offer them a folder or a "library" that includes all the free ebooks so they can find what they are looking for, then you have provided them with a great value.

Make sure your email provide the correct contact information for your business. Anonymous letter get ignored like a stranger in a mask at the front door. Your phone number, address, link, and even office hours are advisable.

When you are trying to build traffic to your website, remember these three mistakes that people make and try to avoid them at all costs because they are going to hurt you in the long run.

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Importance of Blog Commenting

Blog commenting has become more popular in today’s world and it helps to increase traffic
and improve search engine ranking of websites. Blogging helps people to share ideas and views with others, post some new information which is not added in the article and paves the way for discussions, etc. While posting we add our name and URLs that helps us in creating back links.

Choosing relevant blog

In order to be effective in promotion, blog comments need to be on related niche blogs, valuable, timely and consistent with the URL naming convention. For choosing such relevant do follow blogs, we do keywords search using search engines. The search results give you links that describe topics on the keywords. Now you can start commenting and discussing with the participants of that blog. Hence, choosing relevant blogs is one of ways for increasing free back links for your website.

Why blogs omit registration and login?

Most of the blog readers and blog commentators do not like registration and login as they feel that blogs should be informative and easy to get ideas quickly. But some of the blog owners feel that people who login can be engaged and more committed in blog community to give valuable comments. As people always look for an easy method, blog owners do not want the registration and login method.

How to write comments?

Back links: Before submitting a comment, we must provide url in the comment. Adding url and name along with the comment, is one way of getting inbound links to website.

Popularity: Adding valuable comments to blogs would increase popularity to your website. Blog commenting is a good way to make your names familiar with many bloggers across the world. Spend time on writing valuable comments for others blog; you will receive valuable comments for your website. Number of valuable comments on others blog is directly proportional to number of comments for your website.

What search engines do for comments?

Search engines always look for fresh and new content. Blog commenting and forum discussions are often featured high in search results. Search engines see blog comments as contents and not as comments. Sometimes it is like other people writing contents for you. People engage themselves by posting a comment by asking a question, someone would reply in their comments, blog owners can provide some other resource, and thus it continues till they get the right answers. Blog commenting actual paves the way for developing good content.

Finally by reading all the above mentioned process of blog commenting, one can understand the importance of blog commenting and adopt few techniques while writing a comment. Expert advertising solutions is a company that gives importance for blog commenting and they have real experts for blog commenting.

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Use of Keywords in Alt and Meta Tags

Like the URL, domain names, and H1, H2, and H3 tags you can also use the key word or key phrase in all other tags including alt tags, image tags, and Meta tags. For slow browsers, placement of keyword in the image tags comes up very handy since the display of image takes much more time in comparison to display of the text. Especially the visually challenged find such tags extremely useful. In addition the alt and title tags always have some text value as well.

One can easily use the keywords in strong and bold tags. You can position the keywords in HTML text with strong and bold attributes. Such placement helps targeting the companion words to the original and targeted keywords. Letters when made bold communicate with the users far better. It makes the page visually appealing and they cannot be used to improve the ranking of the site. Holding the reader longer to the page concerned it benefits your web promotion and search engine optimization prospects to a great extent.

Another very useful method is use of keywords in the Meta Description tags. In fact such keywords can be used in the HTML heading in the page. If the keyword is unique and placed inside the Meta tag, it helps people viewing the page and is quite beneficial to viewers in searching the relevant contents. Though it may not be as important as relevance of content, domain and URL based keywords, or even H1 tag keywords, they certainly improve the CTR to a large extent.

While use of unique keywords within the Meta description tags can attract people to view the pages you display and are therefore beneficial for search engine optimization, your Meta tag description must be good enough to attract the viewers. Avoiding duplicate contents and bad descriptions are always essential to avoid negative impact on the people.

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Steps to optimize the website

The website should be visible amongst the top rankings in search engine results. Visitors should be able to find your website online so that they are able to reach top their goal and you are able to achieve your objective.

A website should not necessarily be large with hundreds of pages to reach to their clients. A small website, optimized properly, is equally competent as any other site in search engine
. The website can attain the desired position through two different methods: sponsored ads and organic searches.

When the Company agrees to pay the search engines a specific amount for each and every click received by the site, then it is termed as optimizing through sponsored ads. Whenever a visitor clicks on the ad, the search engine demands some money and the visitor reaches directly to the desired website. It is like: “Higher the clicks, higher the returns”. However, one can’t pay infinitely.

There is an alternate method of organic ranking to generate publicity involving long-term profits through higher ranking. When a website is designed and drafted, then its content is not high in its keywords. The website is like a dumb salesman which is not aware of its own products. The website is like a plain sheet of paper. It has to be drafted with proper optimization and stuffing of keywords. Optimization is needed to make the site highly relevant for specific search terms. First, identify the relevant keywords and stuff them properly.

It is essential to use the keywords amongst main body of the web pages, in the meta-tags, and in the alt-text in your images. The keywords should be used naturally to attract more customers.

One has to create maximum links to the website for better business opportunity. Search engines rank the websites on the basis of number of back-links created by them. The back-links should be from related websites specifically.

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SEO: The Process of Keyword Selection

Search engines drive potential customers to look for websites that can fulfill their dreams conveniently. Hence, websites serve as a mirror that provides suitable framework to choose effective signs to drive quality traffic on to your website. However, an effective combination of keywords and strategies can actually make the difference.

Think keywords as indicators that tell you the right path to your destined website. If you choose common and over used keywords, you are likely to drive traffic to your competitors. Can you afford to lose business
in this fast changing commercial world?

The selection of right keywords is the true base of a successful marketing strategy. They must be chosen well with true precision after understanding business requirements and need of the hour. Choose right words and phrases that catch attraction in first glance only. Evaluate the importance of words and phrases in the commercial world and then use them as your keywords that define your website well.

Many website owners
feel that they realize their correct keywords that can help them to gather quality traffic. But in reality they are wrong and miscalculate the results. It is important to choose your keywords on the basis of your business
requirement and network which may support your business interests further. You can further track down the words and phrases being searched by potential users in your industry. Try to explore and know the searching behavior of your people and choose words accordingly. Choose significant words that actually make sense in the commercial market and increases ROI of the website as well.

Seocorporation is a raising company that aims to provide the high quality services to the customer in the field of SEO,Targeted Link Building and many more at most affordable prices.

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SEO for Yahoo stores

This webpage is designed for people to learn more about “Yahoo SEO”. The first part of the page is about SEO for people with Yahoo stores. If you are interested in “SEO for a Yahoo store”, keep reading. Click here, to go to the bottom of this page which talks about “Yahoo SEO” for a general website.

What are Yahoo Stores?
Yahoo! provides services such as Yahoo! Domains, Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo! Merchant Solutions, Yahoo! Business Email, and Yahoo! Store to small business owners and professionals allowing them to build their own online stores using Yahoo!'s tools. Yahoo stores provide people with both an easy and low cost way to create an online presence for their business.
Our research is pointing to a 50% growth in the number and popularity of Yahoo stores since 2005. We’re finding that most Yahoo stores are relatively small (less then 5 employees). However, we are also finding that with an aggressive marketing plan, these same Yahoo stores are achieving very impressive growth rates. We are continually surprised and the number and quality of yahoo stores. We are finding that the single biggest determining factor in the success of an online business is the commitment to an online marketing plan. The quality of the SEO for your Yahoo store will have a significant on the success of your online business.
2. What makes some online stores successful?
In our experience, a successful online yahoo store needs several things
• Competitive price
• Relatively expensive products
• High conversion rates
• Good online visibility & marketing.
These all aren’t necessary for success. But, they’re all very important. In this article, we’re going to talk about the last three.
Relatively expensive products
We encourage our client to sell expensive items. This is because we have found only a weak correlation between the price of the product we’re promoting and the difficulty in promoting it. For example, let’s assume that we have Widget “A” and Widget “B”. Let’s assume that Widget “A” is $100 and Widget “B” is $10. In this case, it would be probably that if we spent 100 hrs promoting each product that the traffic to Widget “A” would only be slightly less than the traffic to Widget “B”. If the conversion rates of people interested in both widgets are the same, then the vendor selling Widget “A” is going to make approximately 10 times as much money as Widget “B”. I’ve simplified things slightly, but the basic idea holds true. It’s hard to be successful if your products are under $50. It’s best if they’re over $200.
High conversion Rates
I think that this if fairly self-explanatory. If 1000 people/month visit your website, and 10% of the visitors purchase the $200 product I talked about above, your website is going to do $20,000 in revenue/month. If your average order size if over $100, and your conversion rate is high, then you don’t need a large amount of traffic to be successful.
Good online visibility
The key to success of any Yahoo store is through excellent online visibility. You can achieve this visibility through paid advertising, legitimate back-links from other sources, Social media marketing, and SEO. We find that SEO for a Yahoo store is the most cost effective way to get online visibility.
Most businesses budget 20% of their total revenue for marketing. This means that if you’re a typical company that generates $1M in sales, then your marketing budget is going to be close to $200,000. For storefronts and retail spaces, most of the marketing goes towards paying rent in a prime location.
In the online world, a domain only costs $10/year. You don’t need to pay for a prime domain. You do however, still need to pay to get your domain into a prime location (in the Google and Yahoo search engine results pages). So, as with other more traditional businesses, you still need to invest in a prime location for your storefront. You just do it a different way.

How do you Market Yahoo stores?
Yahoo SEO is similar to Google SEO, but with one different. Google really cares about back-links. Yahoo is a little more concerned about what’s on your website. If you’re doing Yahoo SEO, you need to pay more attention to the content on your website.
Here are my top tips for Yahoo SEO
1) Figure out a way to add/ update content on your website on a regular basis. Yahoo likes fresh content. If you want to effectively do Yahoo SEO, you need to write fresh content and add it to you website as often as possible. We suggest changing or adding something to your website every day. The content on you main page should be changed at least on a weekly basis.
2) You need to register your domains for 2-5 years, not 1 year. This tells yahoo that you’re serious about your business and you plan to be around for more than one year.
3) Avoid buying domains with multiple dashes. If you think about it looks spammy. We did some research and we an inverse relationship between the quality of a website and the length of it’s domain name. So, keep the domain short.
4) Write unique quality articles and submit them to article directories. This is just as important for Yahoo SEO as it is for Google SEO. If you’re doing SEO for Yahoo stores, you need to create quality back links. uses article submission to create a new URL on a respectable domain in six minutes. This URL has multiple links to your website and 300+ words of relevant content convincing Google/Yahoo that this URL that links to you is relevant to your business. Article posting remains a high quality way to get back-links. No Google or Yahoo SEO program should be without it.
5 ) Do use press releases and submit them to free press release submission websites.
I hope this article answered the questions that you had about Yahoo SEO and “SEO for Yahoo stores”. If you’re like most people, you’ll have many new questions. If that’s true, give us a call our fill out our form, we’ve love to talk to you. Who knows, maybe we can help.

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How SEO Service Providers Should Use Keywords

Keywords are the roadmaps for your SEO services. Nobody knows this better than SEO Firms India, but you still need to make sure that when you outsource your search engine optimization requirement, your service provider will use keywords in the web content provided for your optimization needs.

I know it may seem that I insist on something that is obvious, but believe me, there are some SEO service providers who even provide you with a keyword basket full of fantastic key phrases, but they don't use them appropriately within the web content services they provide. I've come across some of them that go further and never use them in your content. You should be able to check this out.
Check the Availability of the Keywords in Key Positions

Imagine you're receiving a series of different SEO services like articles and press releases, blog posts and so on. What you need to see is to see your top keywords in the title of the content produced for you. In other words, articles, PRs, blog posts, etc should have your keywords in their titles.

This is another reason why your SEO service provider should give you transparent service explanation. In cases where textual web content is produced with SEO copywriting skill, you should remember to have a look at the body text of the content as well to make sure that the keyphrases are used in the key positions as selected. The key positions are the title tag, within the first paragraph, the last paragraph, and throughout the content body.

In articles, the resource box (author's bio) and in press releases the boilerplate should have your keywords in them. Of course, in some PR websites, you can use your hyperlinked keywords throughout your body text a few times.
Watch out for the Illegitimate Keyword Usage

Is it possible that your SEO service India provider uses illegitimate methods to promote your website? To answer this question, let's see how important it is for you. If, one in a million, an SEO company uses such search engine optimization techniques as keyword spamming, who should be worried? Who will eventually suffer? So, who should check this out? Of course, you!

You need to have a good understanding of SEO services and what legitimate practices are so that you could check out the services provided for you. Only though such mechanism you could make sure that the right steps are taken for your site. You must know it, because it's your site and if illegitimate actions are taken, search engines will regard you as the one responsible for it. Surly, you won't want the bad reputation in the records of your site with search engines.

I'm using this blog as a platform to create such awareness for those of you who would like to outsource their SEO services. As a knowledgeable person, you'd better know what you should expect your SEO service provider to deliver. So, we learn and share these SEO Corporation tips to create the kind of knowledge that is needed for all of us.

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Developing a Keyword List in 5 Steps

SEO Corporation : Developing a keyword list is one of the first matters of business that needs to be completed when starting an online business. Keyword optimization is critical to your success since it is the easiest way for you to attract search engine traffic to your website. This type of traffic is the best to have since it is free and highly targeted. It is therefore essential to learn how to develop a list of business keywords for your site that are relevant and well searched upon.

Here are 5 simple steps to take in putting together a list of business keywords that will attract plenty of free search engine traffic to your site.


Your first step is compile a list of words that you feel are relevant to your site or business and jot them down. By doing a little bit of brainstorming (yes there are still things we can do WITHOUT the help of a computer) start to pull together your list of words. Speak to others about what it is you are doing and listen to their suggestions for any other words you may find suitable for your cause.

Scope Out Your Competitors

Take the list you have compiled so far and enter them into an online search. Now you want to review the search results and look at the top 10 sites that come up. Visit each site and check their meta tags which are located in the source code of the site. Take note of the keywords they are using for their site and add them to your list.

Drill Deeper on Keywords

Now take the list you have got and using a keyword suggestion tool enter these words into that tool. Look over the results you come up with and jot down any other words that you find relevant for your purposes.

Evaluate Your Competition

With the list of keywords you have accumulated so far take them and enter them into another online search but this time you want to search for a direct match. To do these simply place quotes ("") around your keywords and the results will reflect only those sites using the same keywords you are targeting. This is going to be your competition for these keywords. Take note of how many sites there are using these same keywords.

Finalize Your List

Now you can take all your findings and determine which words will be those you will want to use. Be careful NOT to select the words that have the greatest amount of results since this also means LOTS of competition. Ideally you may want to choose only those words that have less than 12000 results in and about. This will give you words that are being searched upon but not with too much competition.

Developing a keyword list should be one of the first tasks completed when starting an online business. The business keywords you select should be relevant and well searched upon in order for them to attract the traffic you will need. By following the 5 simple steps we reviewed above will serve to increase the effectiveness of your keyword optimization efforts. The results you get will be plenty of free and highly targeted search engine traffic diverted to your site.
by: SEO Firms India

How to implement SEO along with linking

SEO Firms India writes  SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of trying to improve the search engine rankings of a website. The more keyword rich the content is, that better the rankings would be. The choice of keywords is purely based on an analysis that determines keywords used by end users in general while searching for data on the web.

There are two ways of performing SEO.

* On-site SEO, which is directly related to the web service.

* Off-site SEO, which corresponds to the content displayed on the website.

The main process of On-site SEO Services India includes keyword optimization - this lists all the keywords that are included in the content of a specific page of the said website. These keywords will be highlighted for the purpose of better search engine rankings. Meta tags include information about the website that is not mentioned anywhere in the content. Title of the web page explains the need for the development of the content. It should be of 80 characters of length in genneral. Description reflects the purpose of the website in 50 to 100 words. Off-site SEO constitutes articles submission as well as regular blog posting.

Linking is a concept which forms to be the core task of SEO. This is achieved in many ways. Most commonly approached linking ways are as discussed below.

* Redirecting links in between the articles

This is a great means of achieving the concept of linking. You can mention certain links that will lead users to your website. These links can be conveniently placed anywhere in the article.

* Linking through blogs

With this process, link building appears never so easy. This serves two purposes, providing latest information and events of your website and related links that will redirect users to your website for more information.

Often, link building and SEO play equally vital roles in improving the page ranking for your website. However, keyword spamming has become a great cause of concern as some websites possess keywords immensely with a focus on poor content. When the concept of SEO Corporation is implemented the same way as stated above, such problems can be overcome easily. SEO is not a single process and constant inputs.

by: SEO Firms India

PPC Management Services:Boosting Your Site’s Traffic in Quick Time

SEO Firm India says that Pay per click is one of the most widely adopted online advertising methods. Its popularity stems from the fact that it puts both the advertiser and the host at an advantageous situation. In this technique of advertising, you put display your ads on the host site, that is, the search engine. And the search engine is paid for the advertisement only when a user clicks on your site. This way, you can take the advantage of affordable search engine marketing. The search engine gets as many advertisers as possible through this enticing scheme.

Unlike other advertising approaches which take several months to show results, pay per click advertisement can work to your advantage in just a few days. Having opened a PPC account with search engine your ads will be displayed on the search engine result page when a user runs a search on it. With the mass endorsement of this advertisement technique, companies offering pay per click management services are also making hay. Such a company takes care of all your activities related to PPC advertising such as account opening, biding on your behalf with the search engine, keyword research etc.

Compared to other SEO Corporation techniques which take months to give the desired results, a pay per click management company can do a world of good for your business by boosting your site traffic in matter of days. Many SEO companies offer PPC management as part of their comprehensive services. This process can also be outsourced to offshore SEO companies for cheaper and reliable service.

A company offering pay per click search engine marketing services first analyzes the market. It tries to find out the demography of the visitors and their online nature. This helps them to better target your ads to users. The company then searches for the right keywords which are likely to be used by visitors to reach your site. A constant watch is kept on each keyword and their performances. Less effective keywords are deleted and prospective ones are added. For better optimization, it constantly monitors your site and keeps a watch over your competitors.

SEO Services India


We hope you’ve heard about “Paid Search” or PPC (pay per click) if your business relies on Web traffic. It’s one of the key ways to draw traffic to your site, and it works wonders when applied with SEO india (search engine optimization). In other words, if you’re still using SEO India as your only marketing avenue, you need to balance your marketing approach because your competitors may already have.

Not to say that SEOIndia is not useful. The key is to not rely on it wholly, but instead to follow what several other successful Internet businesses are using—a mixed and complementary search engine marketing method. This style still makes use of the SEO INDIA way to rely on Internet spiders and carefully placed keywords. But it also accesses valuable paid search, online public relations, and other strategies.

This integrated approach—part organic, part planned—is what we’ll talk about here. Even after just this short article, you’ll be able to have a better understanding of how to send your online marketing into overdrive.

The key is that an integrated and varied approach can launch your business through the roof without a lot of wait time. On the other hand, this quick start, if managed properly, can be sustained, so that success is long-term. A careful balance of online marketing approaches can also be cost-effective, leading to a combination of high income and low costs. That’s a good combination.

The Style of SEO INDIA

Search engine optimization first came about as a response to Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, which use secret formulas and Internet “spiders” to rank sites for every search. Website designers and business owners figured out their own formulas to get their sites higher rankings in these search engines, using particular keywords in calculated frequency throughout a Website.

The end result of these higher rankings is that a site gets more hits. So our website, for instance, targets keywords like website Design Company. We use SEO Services India so that people searching for “website Design Company” will find our Web site. Using similar keywords like web design company and keeping the theme throughout our site is one of the keys to ranking well. One of the biggest misconceptions of SEO is going after traffic only. Not targeting your keywords correctly can greatly decrease your conversion rate.

SEO works and it is still an important part of any web marketing campaign. In fact, some experts claim that up to 60 percent of all clicks to a given Web site are attributable to SEO. More often than not, if your keywords are good, these clicks are highly valuable Web surfers, meaning buyers that are looking for exactly what you’re selling—even if that is just a matter of “selling” your brand. This success-rate is called “conversion.”

And the conversion rate can remain high because of its organic nature, meaning customers do not feel that they are being marketed to. They think the search engine just happened to send them your way.

Despite its high conversion rate, though, SEO Services India has its downfalls. For one, this cannot be done by just anyone. It takes tons of research and must be handled by a company that can specialize in SEO Services India It is highly specialized work to transform your Web page matter into keyword-dense SEO Services India matter that's still readable, and this can come at a large price, especially if you have a larger site. What’s more, you’ll have to wait on the return on investment. It can take from two to six months before you see any success on your conversion rate. Also, search engines are constantly evolving and changes take place all the time. Relying on an SEO only approach means you're at the mercy of the search engines. If a change takes place and you suddenly find yourself on the 5th page your business can take a big hit. Finding a balanced approach and avoiding "putting all your eggs in one basket" can help secure your business's future.

Pay to Play

to counter these downsides of organic marketing, there’s paid placement. With paid placement, the formulas never change. Your ads always look when a Web surfer kinds in a given keyword. And you can guarantee yourself more coverage than your competitors simply by paying the search engine or other marketing vehicle more money.

You don’t have to start with a high bid, though, so the upfront costs of paid placement are far less than SEO. Plus, you can expect quick results. The problems, however, are that bidding wars between you and your competitors can get out of hand if you don’t keep an eye on the price of advertising. This means a possible high cost over the long run for paid placement. A frightening figure that drives this point home is the sheer amount of money already being paid for this form of marketing: $3 billion.

It makes sense, then, to use paid placement with SEO Services India, not without it. Paid placement can come in handy while your SEO program is still in the works. Once your SEO is showing results you can find the right balance between paid ads and SEO to maximize quality hits on your site.

PR on Demand

A balance doesn’t mean flat, by the way. You can have a balance in your marketing campaign, while having your profits shoot straight up. One way to make sure that steady growth in your business is one of the newest kinds of Internet marketin, online PR. This can involve press releases, keyword-optimized character and how-to articles, branded blogs, and online reputation management.

Press releases in the traditional sense used to only be sent out to reporters and journalists. Now with press releases being online, anybody can read them — especially your customers. So this is just one more Web page out there that can be key worded and branded, to send your message, your goods, and your business to the offices and living rooms of your customers around the world.

Putting all of these together, of course, needs a “formula” of its own. It depends on your specific business and your specific customer, what proportions of each type of marketing must make up your overall strategy. But with the advent of paid advertising, SEO Services India and online PR, at least your business has very good options to think about.

Ready to get started with an SEO campaign? More than just a Web Design Company, PSI is a Website Development Company because we offer complete solutions to help your online business succeed. See what Seo Corporation, can do for you! You can write mail for your SEO Services India proposal. We can even manage your PPC campaigns, write newsletters, and more.

SEO Services India

SEO Services India

The market environment that we have today is becoming more competitive as more players got to engage in several industries yet have only one goal in the mind and that is, to provide what the consumer needs. With the needs becoming more complex, and more businesses compete; it is necessary that a business has a stronghold of its market presence. This is why every marketing department of a company plays a major role in the success of the business. But what if the company does not have enough resources to finance its marketing? One way is to outsource marketing like using seo services.

Seo services India is a great breakthrough in the new world business success. With the advertising costs surging up uncontrolled and the tri-media becoming too expensive, the internet is one best alternative in reaching consumers.

The internet has become part of every people’s lives as its popularity boomed in the 1996 paving way for new avenues for marketing and product promotions. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo plays an important part in the success of businesses as search results drive more traffic to websites that aims to reach the target audience for a particular product.

The key into bringing more people into the website in the long-term is with the use of search engine optimization. Seo services providers apply marketing tactics to do this and the best strategy is the use of organic search. However, it is important to know very well the work background of the seo services provider that you hire to make sure that they are doing white-hat techniques in optimizing the search engine results rather than using black-hat techniques. Black-hat techniques do not help in the long run and you may run the risks of getting banned by the search engines.

Aside from knowing the tactics used by the seo provider that you want to hire, hiring should be built on trust and honesty. Each centavo that you pay should be realized into profit and yield positive return on investment.

Search engine exposure can build higher brand recognition and prominence as more people get to know the product directly through the web if done the right way and on the right market. As opposed to mass media advertising, web marketing can define the interest of the user by measuring the length of stay of the user in the website and by tracking which pages of the site is being visited often. This will guide the company to understand better the consumer and provide the best interests of its target market.

Using seo services india provides you the advantage of minimal marketing promotions costs and increase efficiency through a direct contact with the consumer. However, this can be done only when you hire the right seo provider. Use referrals, study their work background- a little research would make a difference in the success of your business.

SEO Services India

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Increase your income with online freelance opportunities

The popularity of the Internet and its wide penetration among the masses all around the globe has boosted a whole new world of business opportunities. It has created a whole new generation of entrepreneurs who are harnessing its power to create new value for the society. There is a wide range of online home business ideas that have proven to be highly successful for the entrepreneurs across the business spectrum. If you are looking at an opportunity to add to your household income, you could consider an online freelance business opportunity as a viable area to create new income.

Online freelance opportunities are available in a variety of fields, and your choice would depend upon your particular skill sets and your keen aptitude or interest in a particular area. If you are good at writing, and it is something that excites your passion, you could work as a professional writer on the Internet, offering your freelance services online. There are many companies around the world that are looking for professional writers for their websites, e-zines, newsletters or other publications online. There is also a niche opportunity for academic writers if you are specializing in a particular educational area where you can write with authority.

If you know a foreign language, you could offer your translation services online for written material. There is no dearth of work available for a skilled person who is specializing in this particular area. You could even start your own newsletter or blog, and gradually build a loyal readership. This will give you the opportunity to earn an online income through advertising.

If you have any strong business ideas for selling a particular product or a range of products, you could start selling it through your own website, and receive orders and payments online. You can promote your e-commerce website through various Internet marketing tools and techniques that are prevalent in the business.

If you do not possess any highly specialized skills, even then it is possible to earn an income online by offering your services for basic online jobs such as data entry or transcription services. There are many large law firms, medical companies and accounting firms that need to outsource data entry or transcription work to freelance operators.

Basically, freelance opportunities that allow you to create an online income are endless. All you need is a commitment and determination to work sincerely and find a niche for yourself in the new technologically advanced world of information and communication.

SEO Services India

Web Host Services: What You Can Get

When searching for a web host you may want to look into the extra services that are offered. Although some web host companies do not offer anything more than the basics, this is not the case with the majority of them. Since there is so much competition in this industry, every web host is looking for a way to distinguish themselves. And through extra web host services they can do this without any problem at all.
As a buyer, you need to know what is available to you as far as web host services are concerned. Sure, you know that a web host company is going to offer you web hosting for your site. But in addition to this, you want to also look into the many web host services that you may be able to get along with this. In most cases, you do not have to pay for any of these extras. As long as you host your site with a company, they will be more than happy to give you these add on services free of charge. As you can imagine, this can make your time with your web host much more enjoyable. Anytime you are getting something for free you will usually have a good experience.
So what web host services out of the norm are available to consumers? This is a question that has many answers, because as mentioned above, each company has their own way of doing things. You owe it to yourself to look into a number of different companies, and then decide which web host services you are being offered. Obviously, if there are two like companies, you will want to choose the one that is offering you the most in terms of added benefits and services.
One of the most common add ons that you will come across is free domain registration. The moment that you sign up with a company offering this service, you will have the ability to register any domain name for free. While this may not be a big freebie, it is something that you will need nonetheless. This is a particularly good service to receive if you are a beginner. This way, you do not have to worry about registering your domain name with another service, and then taking the time and effort to transfer it to your web hosting company.
Another popular web host service is when the company offers free message boards to users. This may not sound like a huge deal on the surface, but being able to get in touch with other
people using the same service can be beneficial in a number of different ways. This will give you the ability to not only meet other people, but at the same time you can ask any questions that you may have. Although this may seem geared more towards beginners, even advanced webmasters can benefit from what message boards have to offer.

There are many web host services that will be available to you. After you find a few companies that offer the actual web hosting that you like, you will then want to begin to consider these extra services. They may make or break your final decision!

SEO Services India

Top Internet Marketing Strategies For New Websites

It is your first time to open shop online and you're wondering what you should do to make your presence felt. The Internet is a daunting world. It's almost as vast and unlimited as the universe, making the prospect of getting your website within your target market's radar seemingly impossible. Be that as it may, your new website still has a chance of surviving and especially if you consider the following tips.
Top Internet Marketing Strategies for New Websites
In the Internet, paid advertisements are definitely bigger and brighter, but search engines still give free advertisements a fighting chance. Here's what you can do to make your new website known without spending too much money.
Create the Best Website You Can
No Internet marketing strategy can help you if your website isn't worth visiting in the first place. Start with the design. You want the kind of web layout and design that your target market will instantly find appealing. The layout must also be user-friendly: it won't do to have your readers lost and unable to find their way back to your homepage. In most cases, navigation will be made easier by creating highly discernible links and uploading a site map.
Search Engine Optimization Works
Search engines can make or break you. If youíre not in the good side of search engines then it's almost impossible for your website to get noticed by the right people. If you want your target market to discover your website, you need to know how to please search engine spiders.
You need to understand, for instance, why using HTML codes is a positive thing, even if it offers less flexibility and options than other and more sophisticated languages. You need to understand the importance of keywords and the dos and don'ts that come along with using them.
Content Is King
Your website must offer valuable content. Search engines may be responsible for getting readers to notice your website, but it's the content that will ultimately be responsible for making them come back to your website again and again.
Content is what makes visiting your website into a habit. For content to be valuable, it must have relevance to your readers. If teenagers make up your target market then you need to discuss something they can relate to. Talking about the most popular TV shows might get them to listen to you but discussing the stock market would just fall on deaf ears.
Secondly, the data you're providing must be of interest to your target market. It's not enough to simply discuss an important subject. You need to show them what they'll get from it. Ecology is an important issue, but do people generally find time to learn more about it? But with the right perspective or approach, such as using Leonardo di Caprio as spokesperson or pointing how unawareness of ecological issues could cause them to die in five years, even the most boring of subjects will be diligently pursued.

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10 Easy Steps to a User Friendly Website

As a busy search engine optimization consultant, I don't have a lot of time to manage my blog. But recently I learnt the hard way about the fickle nature of website visitors and the damage that having a user-unfriendly site can do to a business.

Now I give my blog usability much more priority than ever before.

Since then, I've learnt that improving your website usability isn't time-consuming, it isn't expensive and it's certainly not difficult. It simply involves common sense and dedication to the task. Here are 10 easy steps that anyone can implement to make their website more user friendly:

1) Create a Site Map

No matter what the size of your website, you should include a detailed, text-based site map, with a link to every page and preferably, a short description of what each page offers. An excellent example of a site map can be found here. The advantage of using a site map is that you don't have to link to every page from your home page, but you should link to your site map from every page. Not only are site maps useful for visitors looking for specific information on your site, but they are great "spider-food", meaning they are a way for search engines to easily find and index every page on your site.

2) Use a Logical Navigation Structure

When designing your site navigation menu, use logical headings and link descriptions. For example, "web site design services" is much more intuitive to a visitor than "Internet services". Use Cookie Crumbs to show visitors where they are on your site at any point. These are headings you often see at the top of websites and search portals showing what category and page you are currently browsing (e.g. Home > Travel > UK > Bristol > Bed & Breakfasts). Guide Visitors to specific pathways throughout your site. You can do this using Call-to-Action links instructing visitors what page they should view or what action they should take next e.g. "Click Here to Order", "Bookmark This Page", or "View Our Catalogue Now".

3) Check for Errors Regularly

There's nothing worse than browsing a site or following a link only to find it leads nowhere. Make sure you check your site at least once a month for any broken links. There are low cost link checking tools such as Link Defender available to help you keep on top of this. Make sure your HTML code is designed to display correctly in different browser versions.

Also ensure that your site hosting provider is stable and reliable to avoid any unnecessary downtime of your website. Services such as Internet Seer can help you monitor your site uptime free of charge. Make sure your site does not contain spelling or grammatical mistakes. If you're not the world's best speller, have trusted friends and colleagues check your site copy for errors. When proofing your site, remember to take into account regional spelling usage for different audiences worldwide, e.g. British versus American English. A webmaster service such as Net Mechanic can be used to check for many of these errors via the one location.

4) Use a Consistent Design and Layout

Common sense rules here - make sure you use a consistent design and layout for each page on your site. This means using the same general colour scheme, logo, consistent navigation menu, header and footer in the same location and consistent link attributes (e.g. always underlined). This way you never alienate your visitor or cause them to become confused and lose their momentum to keep looking.

5) Include a Site Search Tool

A user friendly website provides the visitor with the ability to search the site for specific keywords. Thought this one was too hard? Me too. Until I discovered Atomz Site Search. This is a software program that provides site-wide search for websites of 500 pages or less, for free. It's a quick and painless way to setup and customize your own site-wide search tool. They also offer a paid version for larger sites.

6) Ensure All Forms Work

It sounds obvious and it should be. If you're going to make your site interactive with feedback forms, newsletter sign-ups, guestbooks and the like, then make sure they work! Double check each form field is large enough to accomodate even the longest of names. Think about your international visitors when creating fields such as Zip Code. Make it clear which fields are required by marking them with an asterix. Test the form to make sure it submits correctly and displays the right confirmation message upon completion.

7) Ensure Shopping Carts are Functional

This is vital for any type of e-commerce site. Ensure you have adequate product descriptions, pictures, specifications and crystal clear pricing. Include information on shipping and freight costs and integrate any taxes within your price list. If selling internationally, include a foreign exchange calculator such as the free one provided by XE for visitors to compare costs in their local currency. Make sure your shopping cart pages are protected by SSL or a secure certificate to give visitors the confidence to reveal their personal and credit card information without threat or risk.

Provide simple instructions for completing the online transaction, give them the ability to back out easily and provide a help email address or phone number on every page of the process in case they get stuck. For instant transactions, provide a receipt immediately and confirm their transaction was successful. As with your online forms, test, test and test again. It only takes one bad experience for you to lose a potential lifetime customer.

8) Include Obvious Contact Details

With all the scams proliferating the web these days, people are understandably sceptical when it comes to online business. To build trust, you absolutely, positively need to display contact details prominently on your site. If you're not willing to provide a way for people to contact you, why should anyone be willing to buy from you? You should include your business address (preferably your street address and a postal address), a telephone number and at least one email address. If you are concerned about spam email harvesters, you can either hide your email address within a HTML encoder such as Natata or only use a contact form for people to submit to contact you with (although many people, including me, find the latter annoying).

9) Use Easy to Understand Language

The Internet is no place for verbosity. People are in a hurry - they want to find what they seek quickly and easily with the least hassle possible. You can help them in this quest by ensuring your site pages use simple language and easy to grasp concepts throughout. For example instead of "brand-building web information architects", use "website designers specialising in brand promotion".

Keep the text on each page to a minimum, using bullet points and sub-headings to get your main points across or to demonstrate your product benefits. Use the old WIIFM (What's In It For Me?) adage when composing your body copy to keep the user's interests at top of mind. Remember your international visitors by avoiding regional word usage or technical jargon that could alienate. Want your visitor to take a particular action? Spell it out for them in plain English.

10) Make it search engine friendly

Last, but by no means least, make sure your site is search engine compatible. A user friendly site is generally a search engine friendly site too. Use body text and headings in place of graphical text. Use a text-based navigation menu instead of a graphical or drop-down javascript menu. Avoid frames, Flash or any code that could trip up a search engine spider trying to index your site. Use logical Title and META tags for each page, tailoring these to match the content found within. Scatter target keywords and search phrases throughout your body copy to give your pages better ranking potential on engines and directories for related searches. Don't compromise the readability of your copy to achieve this - hire an expert copywriter to strike the right balance if need be.

So there you have it. 10 easy steps to making your websites more user friendly. Now you have no more excuses for avoiding usability. Implement one of these per week and your visitors will repay you with loyalty.

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How To Search Engine Optimization

In this article I will be discussing search engine optimization from a how to perspective. So we will call this article how to search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is probably more speculated with more inaccurate information than the stock market. Much like the stock market, people speculate on what they think the search engines are going to do to alter search engine optimization. The truth is, no one knows this information except for the search engines themselves. And they are not going to release it now or never. There is one fact that search engines such as Google have released. Google said years ago that they care about quality content to their end user. If you can deliver quality content to searchers, Google and other search engines alike will love you, love your website and index everything you do.
Content comes best in the form of articles. Writing and submitting articles to article directories is appropriately called article marketing. Article marketing has been used by internet marketers for years. One thing about article marketing that is so great is that it provides satisfaction for all parties involved. This includes the article directory who gets good content to share to their members and therefore receive more advertising revenue. It's great for search engines because they get quality content as well and it's great for your website because you get anchor texted backlinks from the article directories.
When you write articles and submit them to article directories, they allow you to place an anchor texted backlink in your author bio / resource box. These anchor texted backlinks are what let search engines know exactly what keywords you want the search engines to rank your website for. The more anchor texted backlinks you have, the more credit your website is given and therefore the higher it is ranked for the specified keywords in your anchor texted backlinks.
I personally submit five articles everyday to 200 article directories. This has provided me with fantastic results. There has never been anything I have ever done to get high quality one-way anchor texted backlinks. My previous tactic to receive one-way anchor texted backlinks years ago before I knew about article marketing was simply contacting websites and begging for backlinks. As you can probably imagine, this did not go over very well. As a matter of fact, many website owners told me to go to a very hot place beneath the earth if you know what I mean. After about one month, I only received 10 backlinks after hours of emailing.
With article marketing, I receive 1000 anchor texted backlinks every week. Sometimes more depending on how many articles I submit and to how many directories.
I hope this article has given you some information about how to search engine optimization. I am an expert, so you can take my word to the bank. There is more you need to know though. I've only barely scratched the surface in this article since I am limited to a certain word count. Check out my site in my author bio box below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about article marketing or search engine optimization that I did not discuss here.

3 Aggressive SEO Linking Strategies

Using search engine optimization for one-way link building is the most important factor for getting a high keyword ranking. Because search engines list their results from your link popularity, SEO positioning should be your number one strategy for high pagerank.

SEO Tip #1

When utilizing an aggressive linking campaign, don't start linking into multiple domain networks which are all hosted on the same server or buying a series of links hosted within a single IP addresses. What your website needs are natural links that will be gained over a period of time. One of the best ways to achieve this is to comment on do-follow blogs (not spamming, but commenting on a few per day) where your website link is naturally growing.

SEO Tip #2

The pagerank quality of those sites you want to link to you must appear natural to the search engines. Be careful to not only link to sites with a high page rank of 8 or 9. You should also seek links from a good range of sites with both high and low page rank values. This is especially the case for new sites and submitting articles to the various article directories will achieve this.

SEO Tip #3

Try looking at your link campaign from a purely scientific view. Basically, you need to find out what the visitors to your site are searching for and then find out which phrases convert to sales and then target your link text towards these visitors. Once you have determined your highest value phrases, you then apply those phrases in the anchor text you request from your link partners. Using this method allows you to request links based on the highest Return Of Investment (ROI), as well as appearing natural to the search engine spiders.

By applying the strategies above, you will attain a linking campaign that is both relevant and highly targeted to your main search phrases. Link quality is far more important than link quantity and anchor text is more important than pagerank.

by: Link Building India