Thursday, October 29, 2009

The new strategy of SEO Link Baiting

Link Baiting is an important component of SEO and can spell the difference in the effectiveness of an SEO strategy. While some people consider it a somewhat underhanded practice, it is simply a more creative method of building links.

To the uninitiated, link bait is any content that entices users to visit a webpage. Link baits can come in many forms. They could be free tools, an article, an image, a puzzle, an invitation to join a contest – there really is no limit to what you can use.

Link baiting drives SEO results as this is a speedy and easy method of building links. It gets your website the attention it needs as more and more people learn about what you have to offer. If your link bait is clever enough, people will continue referring your links to others – and this is really akin to having other people do your work for you at no cost! Of course, an increase in traffic volume may potentially lead to higher profits.

Link baiting is also one of the factors that can increase your search engine rankings. The number of backlinks attributed to your site increases your chances of appearing in the top results page of a search engine. Now if your links are picked up by well-established websites, that will do even more wonders for your reputation.

The potential of earning long term results through link baiting is also a significant advantage of this technique. If your content is compelling enough, people will keep referring to your site for years and years to come. When you actively use link baits, you are building up an image, a reputation for providing useful data to the public. Even if you use link baits for special or seasonal events only, this doesn’t necessarily mean traffic generation ends once the event has concluded. A well thought out link baiting scheme leads to sustainable traffic, not just one time visits that won’t be duplicated once the curiosity has worn off.

For link baiting to contribute considerably to your SEO strategy, remember that your website must have a strong backbone and that backbone comes in the form of superior quality content.

Unless your website has something truly useful or relevant to offer, no amount of back linking will boost your rank or maintain traffic over time. Link baiting sounds easy enough but it requires strategic planning for it to be effective.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEO Services India Basics - 8 Key Strategies For Online Website promotion

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) can be a big scary place for newbies. Most SEO professional companies charge astronomical prices that may or may not guarantee success.

The search engines are forever changing the way they rank websites and what is important to achieve a higher ranking. Even with these ever changing factors, there are 8 important points that you must use with your website that are not likely to change any time soon.

1. Domain Name

It is better to register a domain with a keyword in it, unless you are trying to brand yourself (think Coca Cola or Ebay). For instance, if your name is John Smith and you sell golf items you would be better off by registering a name like instead of

Unfortunately with millions of website domain names being purchased all the time, finding a related domain name not already taken can be a daunting task. Still it is worth it in the end because it will carry more significance with the search engines.

2. Title Tag

This is an often overlooked place to input keywords. Have you ever been to a website and the bar at the top of the page just said 'untitled' or 'homepage'? That reflects how little the site designer knew about SEO. Always put a descriptive title on EVERY page of your website. Put something like 'Find golf clubs, golf clothes and the latest pro golf tips', instead of 'John's golf shop'.

Make sure not to go overboard and just list 10 or more keywords or long sentences in a row or the search engines will think you are trying to spam them. Think quality over quantity. The title tag should contain one keyword rich descriptive sentence.

3. Meta Tags

The importance of meta tags in today's SEO world is still being debated. It is still advisable to include a meta tag keywords and meta tag description in your code. A lot of times the search engines will pull your description tag to show in your websites search result. If nothing is there it may not show anything at all or it may pull the first sentence off of your page which might be completely irrelevent to your intended audience.

Do not, I repeat do not list 100 or more keywords in the keyword tag. This technique used to work years ago, but the search engines recognize this technique and will consider it spam. Place no more than 10 keywords in the meta keywords tag.

4. Link Strategies

Another important tip is to include keywords when linking to other websites or pages within your own site. For example it is better to have a sentence like this 'Find out the latest professional golf tips.' then to say 'click here for the latest professional golf tips.' This also applies to any outbound links to other related websites. Include keywords on the part you want the visitors to click on.

Same goes for incoming links to your site. If someone wants to link to your site give them the code to paste in their website instead of leaving them to do it on their own. Have something like 'Check out John's Golf shop for the best golf clubs, golf info and golf tips." This is much better than 'Click here for John's Golf Shop'. Search engines also like longer more descriptive links than just one or two words.

5. Relevant Content

Make sure that you provide only relevant information to what your actually offering or selling. If you have a bunch of unrelated info on a wide range of topics than the search engines will have a harder time pinpointing exactly what it is your site is about. So if your selling golf stuff stick to golf content, don't throw in articles or links about scuba diving.

6. PageRank

This is still a relatively new term and applies to an algorithm that google's search engine uses. Other search engines use similar strategies to google's PageRank also.

Basically PageRank is used to define how popular your website is. The more relevant inbound links you have coming into your website the higher your PageRank will be. Google also has a toolbar that you can download for free that will show you a site's PageRank. The best way to go about getting inbound links is to find related websites with a PageRank of 5 or higher. Then asking them to include a link to your site (giving them the proper code to paste in).

Another way you can receive a higher PageRank is to have a ton of content on many different pages and then linking all the pages together in a way that will raise your PageRank. With that said this type of strategy will not boost your PageRank tremendously, so if your site doesn't contain thousands of pages don't stress over it. It is important though to link strategically with keywords between the pages of your site.

You can download google's toolbar at

7. <H1>
This is an HTML header tag used to define size of text within the tag. Search engines place more importance on text that is placed within the H1 tag. It's like telling the search engines that 'hey this text is important to my site'. The problem is that it can look unsightly. There are ways around this if you know about CSS styles, but for this basic intro article just know that in the end most people won't be bothered by how the heading looks, and it will make the search engines like you more.

8. Creating Credibility

An often overlooked part of free publicity for your website is writing free articles like this one that relates to your intended audience. There are many websites on the internet where you can submit your articles for other people to place on their websites. I even employ this same strategy for my website. It's really a win win situation. They win because they get quality relevant content for their site and you win because your name and website info is included at the bottom of the article, driving traffic to your site.

You increase your inbound links (PageRank) and provide free publicity for your website. It gets your name out there branding you an expert in your field of expertise and provides free web traffic to your site.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Professional SEO Company

We have been hearing so much about SEO companies, but the question is “What are the advantages of a professional SEO company? Is it worth it?

Well many of us maybe confuse on this search engine optimization thing. We are all familiar with the word SEO and most of us know that search engine optimization can provide your Internet users and visitors faster access in your business. The thing is, of course if your business is the only one that you rely on to make a living it’s so hard for you to trust your business success in just any SEO company.

I know it’s hard to decide if you will rely on this Professional SEO Companies. I also know that there are a lot of questions that bothers your mind if these professional SEO companies are really effective.

Well to help you out I will provide you with some of the advantages of using a professional search engine optimization companies to provide you enough knowledge if an SEO company will work for your business.

The good thing about professional search engine optimization companies is that they can be trusted and you’ll have the assurance that they really know what they’re responsibilities are. After all they won’t be called professionals if they don’t deserve it.

Professional search engine optimization companies can ensure that your website has a high positioning in a search engine which is very important in helping out your business succeed on the Internet. As we all know around 75-80 percent of consumers usually look for products and services, information on certain things through the use of search engines.

Next good thing about professional search engine optimization companies is that they help their clients to achieve successful results for it gives you the assurance that your Website will appear at the top of the consumer’s search results.

Professional SEO companies can help you tack and monitor record of your success in the years of experience with the search engine marketing. They are expert in identifying keywords for the targeted traffic to ensure fast results and long term success; this expertise includes the internal and external expertise. Professional SEO companies have the ability to provide you with a performance feedback.

Other good things about using professional search engine optimization is that they increase your website traffic which help you in gaining potential customers. It measures your returns by helping you reach a higher return on an Investment compare to the traditional marketing or advertising. And when it comes to practicality it surely reduced your cost of business. It helps you increase your visibility for better branding and recognitions and of course it helps you in improving your in house sales and marketing efforts.

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