Thursday, August 27, 2009

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Creating Search Engine Friendly URLs with PHP
In this article we will help you understand the difference between static URLs and dynamic URLs and the benefits of coding search-friendly URLs. We ll also explain why it is important to optimize URLs and how they impact search engine click through rates. We will introduce you to the basics of PHP URL structure the mod_rewrite and how to use it to produce static-looking search engine friendly links

Online Reputation Management with SEO
The fact that anyone can post anything online is a mixed blessing. Many companies have found much to their horror that others have posted half-truths or outright lies about them. What can you do if this happens to you or your company This is where online reputation management comes in

Optimizing Your Web Page Speed
Fast delivery is the key to success. Website speed optimization load time can help you increase conversion rates win more customers and improve their satisfaction. Think of Google s approach to search and the milliseconds it takes to display results it was one of many reasons people loved it when it first came out though this speed is taken for granted today

Outsourcing Content Creation
Content is an essential part of search engine optimization and a key to link building and visitor retention. Both search engine spiders and visitors thirst for new articles. Satisfying both is not an easy task as it requires time and some experience in the industry about which you re writing. If you can t meet this challenge yourself you might consider hiring freelance writers to do it for you. This article will tell you what you need to know to find the right writers and keep from getting burned

How to Use Google Insight for Search Engine Optimization
Google Insight is a product similar to Google Trends that will enable you to examine a certain niche in detail. Its slogan See what the world is searching for implies that one of the most important uses of Google Insight is to detect current and future trends as well as to measure how Internet users perceive specific terms in a specific period of time or in the past

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How to Create Search Engine Friendly Web Site Copy

Search engines read text and not much else. Because they can't generally index graphics, search engines rely on the text in web sites to provide information about the site content, which they can compare with search queries.

Webmasters therefore need to use body text on any pages on the site that they want indexed by the search engines and ranked highly for matching search queries. Not graphical text that was created in design software, but actual, visible body text. Not sure if your site uses graphical or body text? A good rule of thumb that I learnt from search engine guru Danny Sullivan is to try and highlight the text with your mouse. If you can drag your mouse over individual words in the text when viewing it in a browser, chances are this is body text and the search engines can read it.

The most important page on which to use body text is the home page. Above is an example of a home page that uses graphical text instead of body text. Figure 1 shows what content the site visitors see, while Figure 2 shows the content a search engine sees and indexes.

How much information about a site’s content does a page like the one above provide a search engine? That’s right, very little. With next to no text to be found, the search engine would have to rely on the page’s Title and META Tags to tell it what the page is about. With such little information to go on, it is unlikely that a search engine would consider this page a relevant match for search queries relating to its content. To remedy this, it is widely recommended that each web page you want listed in search engines should contain at least 250 words of visible body text.

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